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Burning Snow (1988)

Burning Snow (1988)
Released: 16 Mar 1988
Runtime: 83 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Hong Kong Taiwan
Directed By: Patrick Tam Kar-Ming
Actors: Elsie Yeh Simon Yam Wong Lee-Luk Pai Lin Sit Chi-Jing Siu Huen
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 雪在燒 the burning rain xue zai shao

A young woman is forced to marry an older man who runs a roadhouse saloon. She is constantly being raped by her husband, a drunken loutish brute. She harbors a young man wanted by the police in a murder case, and soon the fugitive and the young wife have a torrid affair as she continues to hide him from the authorities.

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