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Young Lady Detectives: Heart Beat! (1987)

Young Lady Detectives: Heart Beat! (1987)
Released: 29 Aug 1987
Runtime: 74 Mins
Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Naosuke Kurosawa Masashi Takeyasu
Actors: Michiko Nishiwaki Takashi Naitō Yûko Mizushima Tomomi Segawa Sakae Umezu Kurumi Jôgenji Sadahiro Aoshima Mie Kai Takashi Kanematsu Ryûji Katagiri Yûko Sonoda Daikei Shimizu

Alternate Titles: ojôsan tantei tokimeki renpatsu!

In Young Lady Detectives, student girls Misao (Nishiwaki) and Harumi (Yuko Mizushima, who specializes in showcasing), stand up for the search engine to avoid getting a genuine profession. Surprisingly, the girls get a workday on the first day, when a man in the office asks them to look for his missing daughter. The task takes the deckers into the traces of criminals forced into sex slavery. The search for work is mostly on the shoulders of Misao, because sexually active Harumi consumes his time mainly in bed. Misao lacks the man’s experience completely.

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