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Her Judgement Day (1993)

Her Judgement Day (1993)
Released: 27 Mar 1993
Runtime: 91 Mins
Genre: Action Thriller Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Lau Hung-Chuen Chris Lee Kin-Sang
Actors: Sun Xing Lung Fong Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching Wu Ma Lo Lieh William Ho Ka-Kui

Alternate Titles: 剃刀情人 ti dao qing ren

Tough, oversexed Ching Tse and her pubescent cousin possess acassette of triad boss’ names — and a rival gang wants to get their hands on it. All would be hopeless if not for studly Sam, whose appearance is hardly accidental. The movie’s climax is its sole justification: Sam switches sides and fights the enemy in a huge garage aided by a gang of good guys on scooters, while Ching rescues her cousin.

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