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Rush (1999)

Rush (1999)
Released: 28 Aug 1999
Runtime: 105 Mins
Genre: Drama Languages: Korean
Directed By: LEE Sang-in
Actors: Lee Min-woo U;Nee Baek Jong-hak Im Sun-Young Kim Seung-hyun Kim Min-Su
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 질주 jilju at full speed

Baram, Seung-hyun, Sang-jin and Sun-woo are all members of the same club. Baram, a girl with tomboyish looks and a husky voice, is a waitress by day and rocker by night. Seung-hyun is a rich boy whose attraction to Baram leads him to begin a part-time job at the bar she works in. Sang-jin, who also has feelings for Baram, must work seven days a week in order to support his sole family member, Sang-hee. Sang-jin’s dream is to escape from poverty and drive a sports car by the seaside with a college girlfriend in the passenger seat. He finds solace meeting Baram at the top of the building where they both work. Sun-woo is a top -flight graduate of a first-class university. He believes the best thing in life is power. Failure is not an issue in his life until he fails the national exam. In turn, he indulges himself in a sexual relationship with under-aged runaway Sang-hee, the younger sister of Sang-jin.

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