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Nomad (1982)

Nomad (1982)
Released: 25 Nov 1982
Runtime: 95 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Romance Countries: Hong Kong Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Patrick Tam Kar-Ming Terry Tong
Actors: Leslie Cheung Cecilia Yip Pat Ha Kent Tong Stuart Ong Cheng Mang-Ha Yip Ha-Lei Bo-Yeung Chan Chan Kim-Wan Chan Lap-Ban Mei Han Chan Chih-Pin Chang

Internal:  Chinese   English   Japanese

Alternate Titles: 烈火青春 lie huo qing chun

Four carefree lovers in Hong Kong enjoy their youth while danger looms on the edges.


Ma (Tong Chung-yip) works as a taxi driver, as a collector for his father whose business is high-interest loans, and in his spare time, as a lifeguard. In that last role, he meets Kathy (Pat Ha), a wealthy woman, and romance blossoms. Meanwhile, Kathy’s friend Louis (Leslie Chung) is also at the beach a lot and he meets a woman with the unlikely name of Tomato (Cecilia), and they develop a relationship. The two couples have various sexual encounters, and then …

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