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A Mad World of Fools (1974)

A Mad World of Fools (1974)
Released: 13 Sep 1974
Runtime: 104 Mins
Genre: Comedy Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: David Chiang Da-Wei
Actors: David Chiang Da-Wei Tina Chin Fei Maggie Li Lin-Lin Lo Dik Dean Shek Paul Chun Tam Bing-Man Lee Heung-Kam Wu Ma Adam Cheng Hui Siu-Hung Michael Lai Siu-Tin
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Alternate Titles: 怪人怪事 guai ren guai shi

A whacky 1974 comedy starring David Chiang who was also the director, that’s one to see. Well it certainly is whacky, and the film is actually a number of short pieces, varying in length from a couple of minutes to the last story that is 30 minutes or so.

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