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Night and Day (2004)

Country: China
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 89m
Director: Chao Wang
Writers: Chao Wang
Cinematography: Huhewula Yi
Music: Wenchen Qin
Cast: Lei Liu, Lan Wang, Ming Xiao, Zheng Wang, Guilin Sun, Guangjie Zhang, Wei Sha

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0436721/

A story of an entrepreneurial miner racked by guilt over the death of his lover’s husband. Set in the fictional community of Tianquan, somewhere in bleak northern China, coal miner Li Guangsheng lives and works with the older Zhongmin, a father figure. Guangsheng, who is secretly having a hotsyhotsy affair with Zhongmin’s wife, is mortified when Zhongmin dies in a mine explosion and blames himself for not saving his friend. Suffering an attack of impotence, he sends Zhongmin’s widow away. After buying the mine under a new government policy designed to encourage private initiative, Guangsheng works like a Trojan to clear and re-open the site. He’s joined in this by Zhongmin’s son, A-fu, and gradually makes a success of the mine.

Subtitles:  English


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