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Evening Primrose (1974)

Evening Primrose (1974)
Released: 28 Dec 1974
Runtime: 95 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Tatsumi Kumashiro Yoshifumi Kamoda
Actors: Yoko Takahashi Kenji Takaoka Isao Natsuyagi Yoshirô Aoki Shinichi Ogishima Tsuguaki Yoshida Meika Seri Naomi Oka Hiroshi Chō Michiko Tsukasa Eimei Esumi Noboru Nakaya

Alternate Titles: 宵待草 yoi-machi-gusa

The Taisho era was a time of turbulence in Japan. From new marks of modernity to full-blown riots, a sense of revolution filled the air. The Dam Dam Group is a small anarchist organization lead by Daijiro, a silver tongued “Benshi”, a performer who provides narratives for silent films, playing multiple roles. In other words, he was a master at the art of deception, a handy talent when it came to ‘doing jobs’ for his group. His revolutionary ideals attracted many to his squadron, but among them was a young girl who was oblivious to his group’s activities. Her name was Shino.

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