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Women Prison: The Lynching (1978)

Women Prison: The Lynching (1978)
Released: 01 Jan 1978
Runtime: 60 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Banmei Takahashi
Actors: Naomi Oka Mayuko Hino Rie Nakano Mariko Kitazawa Shinko Sakaguchi Shirô Shimomoto Bunmei Tobayama Hajime Isogai
Alternate Titles: 女刑務所ザ私刑 onna keimusho shikei 女刑務所 ザ・私刑 女刑務所 私刑 暴行女刑務所 onna keimusho shikei

Naomi who entered the prison for a younger brother. Female prisoners, Naomi starving for passion will experience various lynch. The world of the shocking imprisonment & abuse between the women who picturized the habits of female prisoners crazy about passion vividly!

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