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Wizard’s Curse (1992)

Wizard’s Curse (1992)
Released: 19 Jul 1992
Runtime: 90 Mins
Genre: Fantasy Horror Comedy Crime Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Charlie Yuen Cheung-Yan
Actors: Lam Ching-Ying Ellen Chan Cheung Kwok-Keung Man Wah Tsui Billy Chow Bei-Lei Wu Fung Charlie Cho Mimi Chu
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 妖怪都市 yao guai du shi

Lam Ching Ying is a Taoist wizard who goes to Thailand to help defeat a pair of black magic criminals (Billy Chow and Tsui Man Wah) using huge Taoist charms and good, old-fashioned blood of a black dog. Afterwards, “a fiendish wizard steals the bodies of the two criminals. He anoints them with the sperm of 99 satyrs and the blood collected from the menstrual flow of 99 bitches. The result is the merging of the two bodies into one ultra-powerful, bisexual creature known as the Terrific Vampire. This lustful monster gains knowledge and strength by killing and devouring the brains of victims (the first casualties are the wizard and his assistants).

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