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Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (1982)

Female Teacher: In Front of the Students (1982)
Released: 09 Apr 1982
Runtime: 68 Mins
Genre: Drama Mystery Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Osamu Murakami Yasuaki Uegaki
Actors: Rushia Santô Rina Oka Kyôko Sagami Toshiyuki Kitami Tōru Nakane Hiromichi Hori Masaaki Kishi Toshio Yoshikawa Takuya Kohata Kyoichi Mizuki
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 女教師 生徒の眼の前で female teacher 10

The lovely Reiko has taken a new teaching job at a creepy old high school. She is an extremely attractive woman and the young students in her class have fallen for her. One night, after tennis practice, she is brutally assaulted in the locker room shower by a man with a stocking over his face. Left on the floor naked and in shock, she discovers a single puzzle piece left behind by the crazed man. A few days later, a pair of students enact a perverted sexual revenge on Reiko for kicking someone off the tennis team. Could one of these students be the man who brutalized her in the locker room? Who owns the strange puzzle piece? As the mystery unfolds, Reiko must come to terms with her own sexual urges and fate.

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