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Intense Tongue Technique: Turn Over (1996)

Intense Tongue Technique: Turn Over (1996)
Released: 01 Aug 1996
Runtime: 59 Mins
Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Yutaka Ikejima Hôjû Takada
Actors: Yutaka Ikejima Yumika Hayashi Kiyohiko Yamamoto Yuna Kawamura Kazu Itsuki Ayumi Taguchi
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 濃蜜舌技 めくりあげる nômitsu zetsugi: mekuri ageru

A woman wants to throw herself off a bridge after her boyfriend of two years breaks things off with her. The guy who stops her from doing so is looking for his ex-girlfriend, who he is planning to kill. The woman makes off with his gun and from then on plans to kill her ex as well.

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