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The First Amendment of Korea (2003) HD

The First Amendment of Korea (2003)
Released: 14 Mar 2003
Runtime: 107 Mins
Genre: Drama Comedy Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Directed By: Song Gyeong-sik
Actors: Ye Ji-won Lim Sung-min Lee Moon-sik Jin Nam Lee Seung-joon Song Ok-suk Choi Eun-ju Kim Yong-geon Lee Tae-rim Ki Joo-bong Hyun Young Woo Hyeon
Internal:  English   Korean

Alternate Titles: 대한민국 헌법 제1조 first amendment daehanminguk heonbeob je 1jo

Eun-bi, an orphaned girl who works as a prostitute, is moved to action when her prostitute friend is brutally gang raped and the police do nothing because her friend was a prostitute. Deciding to run for Korea’s parliament, she runs into mob coercion and deception along with way. This movie is a funny but insightful satire of the corruption of Korean elections.

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