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Sweet Sex and Love (2003)

Sweet Sex and Love (2003)
Released: 27 Jun 2003
Runtime: 84 Mins
Genre: Drama Romance Countries: South Korea Languages: Korean
Directed By: Bong Man-dae
Actors: Kim Seo-hyung Kim Sung-su Seo Beom-Sik Kim Ji-hoon-V Park Byeong-seon Cha Soo-yeon-I
Internal:  Chinese   English   Korean

Alternate Titles: 맛있는 섹스 그리고 사랑 the sweet sex and love mat-iss-neun sek-seu keu-ri-go sa-lang

Dong-Ki has one night stand with Shin-Ah, a woman who has hardly any faith in true love but indulge herself in sex. Shacking up and making love with each other day in and day out, these two young persons, however, find themselves argue about tiny little things and soon they grow tired of each other. Separation, nevertheless, makes Dong-Ki realize that he has already found the love of his life and a marriage proposal is his next step. Shin-Ah, on the other hand, has no intention to settle down…

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