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Mrs. Scarlet Rose (2006)

Mrs. Scarlet Rose (2006)
Released: 27 May 2006
Runtime: 69 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Ken’ichi Fujiwara
Actors: Tsunekichi Fujiwara Hideto Katsuya Koran Kuroda Hikari Nagase Mikio Osawa Kaori Sakagami Akihiro Shimizu Masaaki Takarai Kanji Tsuda
Alternate Titles: beni bara fujin

Based on the novel by Oniroku Dan.

A film adaptation of the immortal masterpiece ‘Madame Red Rose’, the most loved novel by the great SM novelist Dan Oniroku. Kaori Sakagami, active in films and TV dramas, gives an impassioned performance as the wealthy wife of a fallen and violent destiny.
In the war zone, Aida kept a sketchbook of beautiful women and handed it to Miki, a model. After the war, Miki and her daughter are taken in by the yakuza as a form of debt, but there is nothing Aida can do about it.

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