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Jeans Blues: No Future (1974)

Jeans Blues: No Future (1974)
Released: 30 Mar 1974
Runtime: 90 Mins
Genre: Thriller Crime Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Sadao Nakajima
Actors: Meiko Kaji Tsunehiko Watase Ryôhei Uchida Hideo Murota Takuzō Kawatani Eriko Kano Yoko Horikoshi Maki Tachibana Rinichi Yamamoto Harumi Sone Eizô Kitamura Kantarô Suga
Subtitles: Eng (.sub /.srt)

Alternate Titles: ジーンズブルース 明日なき無頼派 jinzu burusu: asu naki furaiha jeans blues: bazemberek holnap nélkül ruffiances without tomorrow jînzu burûsu: asu naki buraiha

Hijiriko makes off from the bar she works at with money and a car that isn’t hers. Meanwhile, Jiro Katagiri is up to no good with his gangster friends and ends up making off with all their ill-gotten gains, much to their disapproval. The two misfits end up meeting after a car crash and soon end up on the road together in (another) stolen car. It’s not long before the police take an interest in the crimes, and of course the gangsters are hot on Jiri’s heels; meaning the two must scarper across Japan by any means necessary.

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