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A Tooth for a Tooth (1973)

A Tooth for a Tooth (1973)
Released: 21 Sep 1973
Runtime: 93 Mins
Genre: Adventure Drama Action Crime Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Joseph Kong
Actors: Lik Cheung Queenie Kong James Nam Gung-Fan Ng Ming-Choi Tong Tin-Hei Yukio Someno Ling Feng Charles Lee Chiu Eddy Ko Wen Hsia Ho Pak-Kwong Chiang Lung

Alternate Titles: ze sha ze japanese connection

Kung fu sensation Cheung Lik stars as the rough and ready kung fu kid who is tricked into robbing a triad boss. Amongst the things he steals is a contract for opium distribution between the triad boss and the Japanese Yakuza. Now the stage is set for some hate! The triads and the Japs send out all their top fighters to get the list back off the kid before he goes to the police with it.

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