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Snake and Whip (1986)

Snake and Whip (1986)
Released: 23 Aug 1986
Runtime: 69 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Shōgorō Nishimura Kazuhiko Ishida
Actors: Ran Masaki Rena Kuroki Ryûichi Yabuki Gôsen Mikami Sanae Takada Yuichi Minato Daisuke Iijima Kyôsuke Akagi Izumi Shima Kenji Kodama
Internal:  English

Alternate Titles: 団鬼六 蛇と鞭 dan oniroku hebi to muchi

Young, ravishingly beautiful girl (Ran Masaki) accepts a lucrative job as a secretary. Pretty soon company boss makes a pass at her in an abrupt manner. When outraged girl slaps him in the face, the man deliberately plans a revenge. Soon the unsuspecting girl falls into a trap and is forced to become his sex-slave! Long accustomed to S&M practices, the boss (we can properly call him “Master” from now on) will stop at nothing to humiliate the poor girl and to make her feel like the common animal.

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