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Manji Mai 3: I will let you go Paradise Jodo (1996)

Manji Mai 3: I will let you go Paradise Jodo (1996)
Released: 18 May 1996
Runtime: 85 Mins
Genre: Drama Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese

Alternate Titles: Manjimai III: Ika sete ageru gokurakujôdo 卍舞Ⅲ いかせてあげる、極楽浄土……。

The female ninja butterfly was the daughter of a large store five years ago. The butterfly is in love with the Ronin Kurokawa Gennoshin, and one night he abandons everything and leaves the house to be with him, but he is betrayed by Gennoshin and becomes a kidnapper by three of his subordinates. After being killed, he was kicked down to the bottom of the valley in a dying state. Her elder, Gonzo, saved the butterfly. However, Gonzo is killed by his samurai. The butterfly goes out to town to take revenge on her long-held Gennoshin.

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