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The Last Laugh (1972)

The Last Laugh (1972)
Released: 06 Sep 1972
Runtime: 71 Mins
Genre: Comedy Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Noboru Tanaka Yoshiyuki Kaino
Actors: Mari Tanaka Hidemi Hara Mikiko Sakai Chigusa Takayama Michiko Komori Akemi Yamaguchi Akira Hisamatsu Kôji Kai Ichiro Kijima Hidetoshi Kageyama Kanta Otsuki

Alternate Titles: 好色家族 狐と狸 koshoku kazoku: kitsune to tanuki amorous family: like a fox and a racoon

Roman Porno film depicting the great uproar that the children cause in the division of their property, even before their parents are dead, as they claw at their greed.

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