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Man of Nasty Spirit (1993)

Man of Nasty Spirit (1993)
Released: 08 Apr 1993
Runtime: 96 Mins
Genre: Fantasy Action Thriller Languages: Chinese
Directed By: Cheng Wai Lung
Actors: Pauline Chan
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 魔域歡喜教 摧花神龍教

Set during the Ming Dynasty, this erotic drama tells the tale of a gender-shifting religious leader who deflowers virgins in order to absorb their life force. Long ensconced in the family of Dr. Yue, he now sets his sights on Yue’s daughter, Bao. But Bao’s strange invisible tattoos and her connection to starving scholar Chao Chuen change the dynamics, and it seems that her body art may provide clues to a cure for Chuen’s ill mother.

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