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Friday Gigolo (1992)

Friday Gigolo (1992)
Released: 26 Nov 1992
Runtime: 90 Mins
Genre: Thriller Mystery Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Stephen Yip Tin-Hang James Ha Chim-Si
Actors: Simon Yam Mondi Yau Yuet-Ching Yip San Jamie Luk Kim-Ming Liu Kai-Chi Kwai Chung Kingdom Yuen Stephen Yip Tin-Hang

Alternate Titles: 星期五之舞男 sing kei ng ji mo nam

Donald (Simon Yam) is a photographer who on Fridays is gigolo. On one particular friday entertaining his client is Sophia (Yau Yuet Ching), a ravenous rich man’s wife he witnesses a murder in the street. Unable to report to the police for fear of her husband (who is soon revealed to be Donald’s boss!), so Donald reports it to the police and poses as the witness.

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