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Indecent Beast (1994)

Indecent Beast (1994)
Runtime: 89 Mins
Genre: Drama Adult Countries: Hong Kong Languages: Cantonese Mandarin
Internal:  Chinese   English

Alternate Titles: 慾獸 Yu Shou

Wei Zeng Jing ( Stuart Ong ), president of a company maintain an extramarital relationship with Yi Ling (Lee Him) which itself is in a relationship with Shi-Ting (Gwok Yee-Lee). Yi Ling tells her half his wish to break his life with Jing Zeng. She also learns that she is pregnant. But that’s not counting the wife Wei Zeng Jing, head of the fortune of the couple who hired Lin, a private investigator. He then discovers the infidelity. Informed by compromising photographs, rich business woman decides to take revenge on the adulterous couple …

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