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Sex Detective Nana: The Phantom of the Sauna (2021)

Sex Detective Nana: The Phantom of the Sauna (2021)
Released: 02 Jul 2021
Runtime: 69 Mins
Genre: Fantasy Drama Comedy Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Shoichi Yokoyama
Actors: Ayumi Kimito Mayu Mitsui June Lovejoy Kohei Nagano Kenji Takeuchi Han Arai Tadashi Igami Yoshiki Kondô Ken Takagi Saryu Usui Mitsuki Maya
Alternate Titles: 激マブ探偵なな 手淫が炸裂する時 新橋探偵物語 駅前サウナの怪人編 geki mabu tanteina na shuin ga sakuretsu suru toki

Karin, a sex detective, and Nana, an assistant, have protected the peace of Shimbashi based in a Chinese-style oil beauty salon. In the city, a mysterious incident occurs in which women disappear one after another, but Karin is not so absorbed in having sex with the New York Police Department Kasumi. Nana aims to solve the case with a newcomer China Girl Hachi and pseudo-sex detectives who are a reserve army of sex detectives. As the investigation continues, the shadow of a male office worker who is envious of his female boss, as well as the super-male and female criminal association ADAM, begins to flicker.

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