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Honey and the Pig (2005) Loukoumades me meli

Title: Honey and the Pig
Year: 2005
Original title: Loukoumades me meli
Runtime: 1 hour, 36 minutes
Country: Greece
Language: Greek
Subtitles: English (.srt) | Spanish (.srt)
Genre: Comedy

Director: Olga Malea

Christos Loulis … Manos
Faye Xila … Fenia
Vladimiros Kiriakidis … Thrasos
Haris Mavroudis … Periklis
Fotini Baxevani … Aunt
Dimitris Piatas … Billy
Sofia Filippidou … Ismini / Antigoni
Pavlos Haikalis … Uncle Leonidas
Spyros Kitsanellis … Ahilleas
Sofia Voyatzaki … Filitsa
Kleon Gregoriadis … Bus Driver
Sakis Boulas … Flat Owner
Margarita Amarantidi … Anna
Nikos Bournias … Waiter
Olga Dalentza … Grandmother
George Gilson … Pastry Shop Owner
Thanasis Havales … Musician
Parthena Horozidou … Erato
Eleana Karandinou … Waiter
Vaios Kotlias … Tractor Driver
Kostas Kounalis … Musician
Dafnie Manousou … Alexandra
Giorgos Mitroukias … Police Officer #1
Mara Mparola … Ourania
Antonis Palamaris … Musician
Stefanos Pavlou
Giorgos Pefanis … Musician
Dinos Pontikopoulos … Police Officer #2
Giannis Psaridis … Priest
Dimitris Voriadis … Musician
Kostas Zikos … Truck Driver

Plot / Synopsis
Manos who seems to have problems with his love life, is leaving the capital and his pressing girlfriend to be with his relatives out in the province. There except his uncle, who is searching frantically for donuts with honey and his beloved overweight aunt, he will meet an old sexy friend called Xenia, who now works as an undertaker’s assistant at the local funeral house. With her help and the ally of the clever and cute pink pig of his uncle Marikaki, he will try to reveal a terrible secret from his past, which concerns the whole village, by bringing out a redemptive truth.

User’s Review
Very enjoyable movie – funny but true – about the very grave subject of a paedophile abusing young boys in a small Greek town. Even though the movie is about such a terrible thing, is full of very funny moments and entertains better than average! The main character finds himself training a pig to find beignets (loukoumades) wherever they may be – the paedophile’s bait for his victims – so as to catch him out, and he works with a partner in crime – a very sexy girl that works in a funeral home (indeed!!!). If you enjoy Greek movies, this is definitely one to catch, but everybody else that loves not quite realistic funny movies should give it a try too.



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