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House for Two (1987) Dům pro dva

Title: House for Two
Year: 1987
Original title: Dům pro dva
Runtime: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Genre: Drama

Director: Miloš Zábranský

Ondrej Vetchý … Dan
Jirí Schmitzer … Bóza
Jirina Trebická … Pístalová
Ivana Velichová … Magda
Jaroslav Mares … Mrázek
Zdenka Sajfertová … Janicka
Miloslav Marsálek … Rácek
Jan Hrabeta … Magda’s father
Jana Marková … Magda’s mother

Plot / Synopsis
The film is about two brothers, both competing for the affection of their ailing mother, the friendship of their workmates and the love of a beautiful woman. Family lives in an old house at the outskirts of the town.
Boza, the older brother dedicates himself to hard work at the printing plant where they are both employed. His younger brother Dan slacks off and loots the factory for things to sell on the black market. He drinks with his friends at the local bar and has sex with many loose women.
When Boza falls in love with a beautiful coworker, Dan makes love to her just to spite his older brother (in a very shocking sex scene). Dan’s torment and cruelty to his older brother continues until it has a shocking result.

Set in the dark world of Communist era Czechoslovakia, this disturbing film targets the very cruel nature of human beings to take advantage of those less fortunate. It also targets the corruption of the world in which the characters live.



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