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Flame of Seduction 火焰的诱惑[日本限制級](AVI@2空@英字)

英文名:Flame of Seduction (2006)
原名:くノ一忍法伝 華艶淫火 -女淫血風抄- (2002)
Director: Daiji Hattori
Cast: Sara Shimada – Shou Azaki – Nao Oikawa – Tsutomu Tamura – Misa Nagaya – Yoshiyuki Aoi – Kouichi Kira – Kazuya Ishizaki – Tsuyoshi Fuyumi – Kogan Ashiya
Running Time: 70 mins
Three of Japan’s hottest actresses reveal their hidden charms in this torrid tale!
Tokyo’s number-one young actress, Sara Shimada, stars as Iris, a ninja vixen, searching for a samurai who can help defeat her sister, the powerful and bodacious Queen Dark Mist. After meeting the mute and beautiful Bell, who wields the fantastic power of the Flame of Seduction, the sexy samurai girls brave any danger, baring their souls and bodies in the pursuit of justice! Nao Oikawa proves evil is hard to resist as the temptress queen, and newcomer Shou Azaki reveals her charms for the first time in this psychedelic, sexy cyberpunk adventure!

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