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Naked Party 赤裸性游戏[陈明君限制級](AVI@2空@无字)

Title: Naked Party / Buttman Japan
Street Date: 2000
Category: Erotic 情色
Video: DVDRip, AVI, 704×384, 2083 kb/s
Size: 1.36 Gb
Runtime: 01;34;01
Country: Hong Kong
Languages: Cantonese, Japanese
Subtitles: English (.srt)
Director: James Cheung
Starring: Bessie Chan Ming-Kwan, Robert Siu Leung, Wong Chi-Wang, Sakurai Fuka

Two reporters from the adult section of the local paper are on the edge of losing their jobs and the only way out is to take an overseas assignment in Japan to explore the craziest and most kinky sex shops of Japan’s capital: Kabukicho. To push the competition, their publisher sends in a reporter posing as an aspiring actor who has to land himself a gig in a softcore Japanese adult video. There he meets the woman of his dreams, a young Japanese starlet about to enter the AV business……
☆片 名:《兽性诱惑之赤裸性游戏》
☆译 名:Naked Party
☆制 作:飞园电影有限公司
☆发 行:寰宇镭射录影有限公司
☆年 代:2000
☆地 区:香港
☆色 彩:彩色
☆对 白:粤语
☆字 幕:中文
☆类 型:成人︱写实︱喜剧
☆级 别:Hong Kong:III (只限年满18岁人士观看)
☆版 本:D5-港三寰宇版︱粤语DD2.0︱简体中字
☆片  长:01:34:01
☆监 制:林锦雄 Lam Kam-Hung
☆导 演:张英华 James Cheung Ying-Wah
☆编 剧:Bingo Bingo
☆主 演:陈明君 Bessie Chan Ming-Kwan
萧 亮 Robert Siu Leung
黄志宏 Wong Chi-Wang
池野瞳 Ikeno Hitomi
櫻井风花 Sakurai Fuka
Kato Taka Kato Taka
Chaco Chaco
yamamoto Samu Yamamoto Samu
Minako Minako
Doctor Nakajima
《赤裸性游戏》 – 影片剧情


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