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Total Romance 2 贞洁的女人2[法国限制級]([email protected]空@无字)

Title:Total Romance 2
有 无码:无码
Country: France
Duration: 01:28:35
Format: AVI
Size: 704 MB
Director: Nicolas Weber
Starring: Alexander Lindqvist, Scott Barek, Bendit, Alia De Angelis, Anna Journet, Alexandra Labrousse, Alexandra Lewis, David Masson, Nathalie Monduit, Vera Morin, Nicolas Nasty, Hélène Neveu, Nathalie Raynal, Mac Rucidle , Samson

Description: As this is a french production it is completely different to all those American soft porn clones, and is actually erotic. The ‘story’ as it is, involves the trivial ins and outs of the upper class Parisians sex lives. There’s plenty of bare flesh on show and quite a few impressive sex scenes. I loved the scene where the older women helps her younger female friend to masturbate as they both sit in a sports car! Also good is a lengthy music and snogging interlude at a lesbian nightclub.

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