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Sex and the Central 色慾中環[香港限制级]([email protected]空@中字)

Movie: Sex and the Central
AKA: 色慾中環 / Seyu zhong huan / Lust in the Ring
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director: Dick Lau Tin-Sze
Script: Shum Lap-Keung
Cinematographer: Jimmy Kwok Chun-Ming
Stars: Sophie Ngan Chin-Man, Carmen Yeung Ga-Man, Gobby Wong Ga-Ying,
Patrick Keung Hiu-Man, Charlie Cho Cha-Lee
Release Year: 2003 (Hong Kong)
Country: Hong Kong | China
Language: Chinese (Cantonese / Mandarin [Dual Audio])
Subtitles: Chinese [simplified / traditional] (embedded)
English (none ATM)


May joined the insurance company after graduation, female colleagues floor although small but personal Optical neck pretty, especially Chin-Chin, Carmen and Gobby. Soon after that May inadvertently cheating found Chien, Director in the Director room; Carmen with managers in a room and play Strip 21 points; and Gobby and company Prince Edward had an affair, May finally understand that no means could not be based in Central … …
Is the story of three women in order to sell in the workplace, but found the boss cheated, because the boss is going to be fired. Then, again for the new boss to launch a new offensive, no way, but three sisters new tricks to get your sister. (Microsoft Translation)
May畢業後加入了保險公司,眼看女同事們底薪雖然少但卻人人身光頸靚,尤其是千千、Carmen和Gobby。未幾阿May無意中發現主任與千千在主任 房內偷情;Carmen與經理在房內玩脫衣21點;而Gobby則和公司太子有染;May終於明白不用手段無法在中環立足‥‥

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