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Emmanuelle in Venice (1993)

Title:Emmanuelle in Venice
Year: 1993
Country: France
Duration: 01:27:57
Translation: English
Format: AVI
Size: 1,35 GB
Director: Francis Leroi
Starring: Marcela Walerstein, George Lazenby, Sylvia Kristel, Joel Bui , Jay Hausman, Pham Duc-Tu, Daniel Hung Meas, Vibbe Haugaard, Tony Senegal, Frédéric Fratini, Sénégal Fratini, Natala Sevenants, Jean-Pierre de Varenne, Robert Terry Lee, Corinne Mafiodo

Description: In a light Venice, the young widow Anais dwells a lone life ruled by her mother. To get away the monotony of routin, she provides retreat among the warm hands of the maid… with the involvement of mysterious forces Emmanuelle is able to rise the memories of previous loves.

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