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Balls of Thunder (1997)

Tilte:Balls of Thunder
Year: 1997
Also Known As:
Rod Steele:0014
Issued: USA
Duration: 01:33:13
Translation: English
Format: DivX
Size: 1,36 GB
Director: Rolfe Kanefsky
Starring: Robert Donavan, Renee Thompson, John Lazar, De’Ann Power, Gabriella Hall, Scott Coppola, Jacqueline Lovell, Gina Everett, Mark Collver, Michelle Bauer, Chip Holman, Dan Schiller, Michael C. Ball, Sheila Vale, Justin Lauer

Description: Rod Steele is a low-budget international spy, in the James Bond vein. Armed with a remote control device that causes people to become extremely horny, he must battle super-villain Tangerina, who wants to capture the sperm of the world’s most powerful men and create an army of sex slaves.

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