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Sex Of Golden Plums (2008)

Sex Of Golden Plums (2008)
Year: 2008
Directed:  Wang Ai Di
Genre: Erotica/Drama
Runtime:  107 Min
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English/Chinese
Cast: Yeung Shi-Man, Lee Yua-Ching, Tsui Fei-Chi

Synopsis / Plot / Review

Northern Song Dynasty, Ximen Qing, a lustful and wealthy merchant is dead. The grim reapers then escort him to the Palace of Yama in hell, the court of the lord of death. Yama immediately puts him on the last judgment. His crimes committed on earth are fully shown. Ximen Qing is born a womanizer, other than the numerous wives and concubines he has at home, he continues to have sex with different women outside. He has interests in prostitutes, maids, married women, virgins, i.e. every single kind of women. In order to coax the beautiful wives, he kills their husbands, and that Wu Da Lang, the ugly husband of the seductive Golden Lotus, is not the only victim… Nevertheless, Ximen Qing denies all of his crimes and argues with Yama. Yama feels indignation at his impudent behaviors and discloses some secrets even Ximen Qing is not aware of…


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