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Arabian Nights (1974)

Title: A Thousand and One Nights
AKA: Arabian Nights | Flower of the Arabian Nights
Year: 1974
Original title: Il fiore delle mille e una notte
Runtime: 2 hour 9 minutes
Country: Italy | France
Language: Italian
Subtitles: English | Chinese (embedded)
Genre: Comedy | Drama | Fantasy

Director: Pier Paolo Pasolini


Ninetto Davoli  …  Aziz
Franco Citti  …  The Demon
Franco Merli  …  Nur Ed Din
Tessa Bouché  …  Aziza
Ines Pellegrini  …  Zumurrud
Margareth Clémenti  …  Aziz’s mother
Luigina Rocchi  …  Budur
Alberto Argentino  …  Prince Shahzmah
Francesco Paolo Governale  …  Prince Tagi
Salvatore Sapienza  …  Prince Yunan
Zeudi Biasolo  …  Zeudi
Barbara Grandi
Elisabetta Genovese  …  Munis
Gioacchino Castellini
Abadit Ghidei  …  Princess Dunya

Plot / Synopsis

The main story concerns an innocent young man, Nur-e-Din (Franco Merli), who comes to fall in love with a slave girl, Zumurrud (Ines Pellegrini), who selected him as her master. After a foolish error of his causes her to be abducted, he travels in search of her. Meanwhile Zumurrud manages to escape and, disguised as a man, comes to a far-away kingdom where she becomes king. Various other travellers who recount their own tragic and romantic experiences include stories of a young man who becomes enraptured by a mysterious woman on his wedding day, and a man who is determined to free a woman from a demon (Franco Citti). Interwoven are Nur-e-Din’s continuous search for Zumurrud and his – mostly erotic – adventures. In the end he arrives at the far-away kingdom and is finally reunited with Zumurrud. The tales contain abundant nudity, sex, and slapstick humor.


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