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O insaciavel desejo da carne (1982)

O insaciavel desejo da carne (1982)
Also Known As: Brisas do Amor
Country: Brazil
Genre: Drama, Classic, Erotic
Quality: DVDRip
Language: Original
Size: 767 MiB
duration: 01:29:06
Director: Alfredo Sternheim
Starring: Luiz Carlos Braga , Carlos Capeletti , Célia Coutinho , Osmar do Amaral , Eliana do Vale , Arnaldo Fernandes , João Francisco Garcia , Sandra Graffi , Arthur Leivas , José Lucas , Fernando Magalhães , Sonia Mamede , Tadeu Menezes , Railda Nonato , Maria Stella Splendore

In a small town hotel interior are an actress hosted a failed politician and a girl from the capital. The actress ends raped by a man who was already pursuing him. The politician, in love with a hotel maid, has to face his wife. The girl’s capital pregnant can enforce their rights with the son of the owner of the hotel.

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