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Fancy Massage Salon (2014)

Title: Fancy Massage Salon
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Release Date: 2014
Director: Yamagami Kaworu
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Korean

bud / Nakatake million / Takemoto Futoshi / Sugawara Takashi

Kadomatsu Satomi (bud) is ordinary housewife who lives with her husband Yuji of salaried workers. One day, I applied a voice to Yasuda that the recruitment of esthetician in the street.
Bud that was the beauty of the work prior to marriage, was supposed to be working as a part-staff in front of the station shop “Parfums”.
In the prior explanation of Yasuda owners, but was that women-only shops, for management, recently learned that have accepted also male clients, Satomi puzzles.
The Satomi that can not be otherwise noted, was supposed to be the Okada of treatment for the first time with the male clients.
Okada is not naive student of women experience, rigid is part a massage of Satomi, had blushed ….

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