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She-Cop: Shoot The Dirty Rapist (2006)

She-Cop: Shoot The Dirty Rapist 2006
Genre……….Crime, Erotic
Subtitles……Cht/Chs/English Sub/Idx
Directed by: Daigo Udagawa
Hiromi Aoyama, Mitsuhiro Koizumi, Miwa, Chika Takagi


What’s the truth behind the atrocious rape connected through a web site!? The revolver of a female cop was fired!!

Kaede Nishina (Hiromi Aoyama) and Ryuichiro Honjo were cops at the Shinjuku Minami police station. They were assigned to investigate a serial rape and strangulation case of woman who lives alone. The dead bodies were always tied with pink jump ropes. From the body fluid collected from the victims, one suspect was identified. Gonda was a socially withdrawn Internet maniac and was arrested before for other raping incident occured. Shoko Noda (Miu) was a national attorney to support Gonda but she was also attacked by the mysterious rapist. As she interviewed Shoko for the statement, Kaede found out that the victims of the series of rapes all accessed a common web site. Saki Kinjo (Chika Takagi), who lost her fiancé to the murderer, was behind this conspiracy. Will the truth ever come out in such a complex relationship? Shoot!!

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