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Hit Woman (1985)

Hit Woman (1985)
Year……….: 1985
Directed by…: Naosuke Kurosawa
Stars………: Rei Akasaka, Kiriko Shimizu, Takashi Naitô
Genres……..: Crime | Thriller | Erotic | Pinku
Language……: Japanese
Subtitles…..: English
Country…….: Japan
IMDB Link…..: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0287163/
Also known as.: Muhan
Format……..: DVDrip | 1.04 GiB | mkv

The worst female assassin in cinema history is hired to kill a guy, but she keeps getting distracted by sex.

There’s some striking imagery here, which is no surprise coming from the director of Zoom In: Rape Apartments and Nurse Diary: Beast Afternoon. Unfortunately it’s buried in a dull and deeply mean-spirited story, which reaches a perverse nadir in the film’s climax. Still, it’s neither as outrageously grotesque as Zoom In or as flat-out insane as Nurse Diary. Only Nikkatsu obsessives or completist fans of the director or stars will likely find this of much interest.

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