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Bitchy Scholar Many Beauties (2008)

Bitchy Scholar Many Beauties (2008)
Also Known As: 淫蕩書生眾美女 [國語中英字]
Year: 2008
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Adult, Cat III, Erotic
Subtitle: English, Chinese (hardsub)
Staring: Fan Ai Jie, Syu Bao Lin
Size: 808 MB
Length: 01:10:08

Scholar fornication with his wife make love all day, Lamma ring after peeping desires Nanjin, results seduce scholar, led to a big mistake ……, poor boy warlock hope to help constituents in fraud Dufang big kill, the results end up anything, warlocks want him to find a virgin ChongXi order to defuse a result geomancy . handsome man was concubine to lure him to abandon Zaokang wife, eventually kills his wife in exchange for prison life …….

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