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Trap (2017)

Trap (2017)
Released: 13 Jul 2017
Runtime: 80 Mins
Genre: Drama Thriller Romance Adult
Countries: South Korea
Languages: Korean
Rated: R

Alternate Titles: 덫

Her seductive fatal … His dangerous love caught in a trap!

She is always sensual of short tennis suits, Zinc. The good looking minseok tries to meet the zinc in the tennis court parking lot and unintentionally helps. Since then, frequent contact with zinc has begun and marriage minseok has tried to reject her excesses, but it is not easy. One day, Minseok receives a piece of bribery charges, and the crisis comes to the examiner. Zinc also stays in front of his eyes at a dangerous situation with his wife. Eventually, I start a relationship I can not take with her that I meet again by chance.

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