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Celebrity Nude Revue-Saucy 70’s Vol 2 (2010)

Celebrity Nude Revue-Saucy 70’s Vol 2 (2010)
Runtime: 294 Mins
Genre: Documentary Countries: United States Languages: English

Citrus Cinema has done it again! Films of the seventies were just bursting with onscreen nudity that one volume was not enough. Hollywood isn’t the only place to find beautiful actresses. The Saucy 70’s Volume 2 has a distinct international flavor with dozens of A and B-movie ingenues from around the world featuring 100 starlets in all!

The Saucy 70’s were an extraordinary period in cinema, sex and nudity in mainstream films exploded and new subgenres of films emerged. Nunsploitation, blaxploitation, grindhouse, woman-in-prison, European giallos and sex comedies, and of course, the ever-popular ‘young woman’s erotic journey’ films that were so prevalent, took nudity in cinema to greater heights.

Our sex in cinema retrospective uncovers long-forgotten gems buried for years as well as some of the most significant films in the history of sex on the screen. Controversial and groundbreaking films, you’ll discover the most memorable and erotic scenes of the decade as well as insightful and controversial bios on each actress. In many cases it was their first and only nude appearance on film, making this a must-have reference guide to nudity in cinema.

Once again, sit back and enjoy groovy 70’s sounds, chic 70’s fashions and best of all, mostly-natural 70’s skin, as we pay homage to the beautiful actresses of the 70’s.

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