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Blooming Early (1976)

Blooming Early (1976)
Released: 11 Aug 1976
Runtime: 70 Mins
Genre: Comedy Romance Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Shinichi Shiratori Harumi Kashima
Actors: Jun Izumi Yu Mizuki Katsuhisa Shinoda Masami Ishii Rei Okamoto Nagatoshi Sakamoto Hidetoshi Kageyama Moeko Ezawa Yuzuru Kōsaka Tamaki Komiyama Hiroshi Gojo
Alternate Titles: 感じるんです kanjirundesu i am aroused

There is a girl who is a student at a tailoring school. She has a friend who has a boyfriend and is always having sex. She herself, however, remains a virgin. She sees her brother masturbating one day. She asks her friend to have sex with her brother. Her friend asks her to spread it for her older brother in exchange. It is a deal and the four go on a hike.

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