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Female Neo-Ninjas (1991)

Female Neo-Ninjas (1991)
Released: 01 Jan 1991
Runtime: 78 Mins
Genre: Action Comedy Science Fiction Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Masahiro Kasai
Actors: Yuka Ônishi Minako Fujimoto Akemi Ōshima Shimon Kumai Hideyo Amamoto Tessei Miyoshi Yoshikazu Ebisu Akihisa Mera Ichimasa Wakamatsu Chin Naitô Shôhei Yamamoto Michiru Jo

Alternate Titles: kunoichi senshi ninja

Three cute, sexy ninjas, around the age of 20, have been in training, building their powers for some vague future threat. Their destined mission becomes apparent when a handsome ninja from 400 years past drops from the sky into the hot tub of on of the girls. He comes with news of a grave threat: an evil industrialist has apparently joined forces with UFOs to take over Japan. The only solution, it seems, lies in the special talents of the three girls – notable as much for their martial arts as their skimpy costumes.

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