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Twist (1995)

Twist (1995) Fullest Version
Released: 12 Jan 1995
Runtime: 91 Mins
Genre: Crime Countries: Hong Kong
Directed By: Danny Lee Sau-Yin Ray Mak Yiu Fung-Suen
Actors: Danny Lee Sau-Yin Simon Yam Suki Kwan Michael Chow Man-Kin Jessica Law Man-Yi Parkman Wong Emily Kwan Bo-Wai Fan Siu-wong Melvin Wong Gam-Sam Eric Kei Shing Fui-On Tommy Wong
Internal:  Chinese

Alternate Titles: 賊王 zei wang chak wong

Hong Kong’s most famous cop actor, Danny Lee (The Killer), directs and stars in Twist, an offbeat crime film that shows the stunning extremes that cops employ in order to catch the bad guys. When a clever thief (Simon Yam at his overacting best) gets away with a huge heist, he greets the investigating cops with buckets of know-it-all smarm and “yes, I did it” charm. He knows he’s guilty, and the cops know he’s guilty, but how can they prove it? Simon and his buxom girlfriend (Suki Kwan) aren’t about to make it easy for the cops, and throw red tape, bureaucratic police procedure, and slimy lawyers in their way. It isn’t until the cops devise new and sneakier methods to get the goods that they find a chance to put Simon away. But with only 48 hours in which to interrogate him, do they have enough time? The ethics of cops, as well as Hong Kong’s bloated legal system, get a subversive skewering in Twist, an entertaining, slightly twisted cop thriller.

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