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Serial Rape of 15 Women (1984)

Serial Rape of 15 Women (1984)
Released: 20 Apr 1984
Runtime: 62 Mins
Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Kaoru Umezawa
Actors: Kaoru Orimoto Shirō Shimomoto Mayumi Hoshino Asuka Urano Kyôko Nakamura Usagi Asô

Alternate Titles: 連続15人花嫁犯し renzoku jūgo-nin hanayome okashi renzoku jûgo-nin hanayome okashi

15 women returning from a meeting see a pregnant woman being raped by three men. They simply walk away. The woman loses her unborn infant and commits suicide. Her fiance finds out their identity and plots vengeance.

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