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Chiyome (2015)

Chiyome (2015)
Released: 02 Oct 2015
Runtime: 80 Mins
Genre: Fantasy Action History Countries: Japan Languages: Japanese
Directed By: Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Actors: Emi Asano Yura Sakura Noriko Fujioka Narumi Yonezawa Taizô

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Alternate Titles: 武田くノ一忍法伝 千代女 takeda kunoichi ninpo den chiyome

In 1561, in a fierce battle with Uesugi, the Takeda group lost a great number of military commanders, including Kansuke Yamamoto, a warrior, and Yukimura, a younger brother of Shingen. Hirao, Chiyome Mochizuki, who lives up to the world as a walking shrine maiden, is also Kunoichi from Koka, and lost her beloved husband, Mochizuki Moritoki, and was in disappointment. Chiyojo who wishes for the world of Taihei… She lives with a strong heart and abandons her, and even spares her naked body for Shingen. One day, Chiyojo and his group help a traveling entertainer girl, Kasumi, who was raped by a thief. When Kasumi, who has no relatives, hears that Chiyo women are serving Shingen, she begs for her to be taken with her. In the world of dying or living, Chiyome decided to raise her as Kunoichi. Kasumi grew up as a ninja without being overwhelmed by adversity. Eventually, she began to yearn for Chiyojo like her sister. Chiyojo also forgives her heart for such a healthy haze…

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