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Her Ecstatic Eyes (2014)

Title: Her Ecstatic Eyes[人妻の償い理佳]
Genre: Erotic, Drama
Direct by: Heitarou Han
Actors: Aoi Natsumi
Runtime: 57 min
Release Year: 2014[Korea],2011[Japan]
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Was at the height of happiness Hisamoto Rika (Natsumi Midori). Life with gentle husband Satoru (Shinichi Inoue) is what Rika had dreamed …. But the advent of (Sena Riku) friend Goto Miyo of once, to revive the past of should you have sealed to Rika. Rika resurrected AV actress as “Natsumi Midori” by the ploy of the world … Miyo of AV was decided not do it again. Heart of conjugal life … Rika and

解説:久本理佳(夏見碧)は幸福の絶頂にあった。優しい夫・悟(井上真一)との生活は理佳が夢見ていたもの…。しかしかつての友人・後藤美代(瀬名りく) の出現が、理佳に封印した筈の過去を甦らせる。二度とやるまいと決めたAVの世界…美代の策略により理佳はAV女優「夏見碧」として復活する。夫には決し て明かすことのできない過去と偽りの夫婦生活…理佳の心は病んでいく…

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