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Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers (1985)

Title: Nurse Girl Dorm: Sticky Fingers
Year: 1985
Original title: Kango joshiryô: Ijiwaru na yubi
Runtime: 1 hour 4 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English (.embeded)
Genre: Comedy| Pinchu

Director: Yoshihiro Kawasaki


Jun Izumi         … Yuki Inoue
Chiaki Kitahara   … Mayumi Matsuo
Yukari Takeshita … Noriko Endô

Plot / Synopsis

A group of sexy young nurses who work at a local hospital live in dormitory housing provided by the hospital. The hospital also provides the dorm’s supervisor, a strict older nurse who runs the dorm with an iron fist. The nurses have to find “creative” ways to sneak their boyfriends into their rooms for some steamy sex sessions.

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